PESHAWAR - At least two security persons were killed and two others sustained injuries in a landmine blast in Kurram Agency on Thursday.

According to details, a vehicle of security forces, carrying water to a nearby check post, suddenly hit a landmine planted by militants in the Ormagai area of the tribal agency. As a result, the landmine exploded with a bang, killing two men of security forces and injuring two others. The injured were shifted to a military hospital at Parachinar, the agency’s headquarters.

Official sources confirmed that two security persons had been killed in the blast near Ormagai locality of Kurram Agency, situated close to Khyber Agency. Following the incident, security forces launched a search operation in the area. They also exchanged fire with militants, with no report of any casualty.

Violence has been taking place in Kurram Agency since long. Being located at Afghan border, Kurram Agency is one of the most sensitive tribal areas. The government has claimed that 90 percent area of the agency has been cleared of militants.


AFP adds: Al-Qaeda has confirmed that a US drone strike earlier this year killed its English-language spokesman, a California native known as Azzam the American, SITE Intelligence Group reported Thursday.

In a special issue of Al-Qaeda English-language magazine Resurgence, editor Hassaan Yusuf wrote that Azzam, whose real name was Adam Gadahn, was killed in a strike thought to have taken place in January on an Al-Qaeda compound in Pakistan. Yusuf also said Ahmed Faruq, an American described as a leader of Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, and American and Italian hostages Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto, were killed in another strike “a few weeks” prior.

The White House has said neither Gadahn nor Faruq were specifically targeted in the strikes, and US President Barack Obama said in April he took “full responsibility” for the accidental killing of the hostages.