LAHORE - The Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Local Government Raja Basharat Tuesday said that the Opposition had badly failed to oppose the Punjab budget, indicating thereby that it was a public-friendly. 

“The Opposition found nothing to speak on it and came with only three cut motions”, he said while talking to the media outside Punjab Assembly.  The Law Minister said that the opposition had challenged to fail the government from passing budget, but instead, it appeared for the first time in the history of Punjab Assembly that it approved 41 demands for grants within one hour. The Minister added that it was also witnessed for first time in the history that Opposition could present only three cut motions for discussion. “In the past, opposition leader traditionally used to speak on budget not for two hours but for two or three days. It shows that the opposition has no concern with the public issues rather it prefers to address its own problems in the house.”, Law Minister stressed.

He claimed that it was the first budget of the PTI-led government presented in a difficult economic situation created deliberately by the former rulers.

  He said it was owing to acumen of Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and the effective prudence of the cabinet that made the Opposition ineffective in the House. He believed that the Punjab budget would bring economic stability in the province and the austerity move initiated by the Prime Minister Imran Khan would yield positive results in future.