LAHORE (PR) Excellence Delivered (ExD) Pvt. Ltd. and The Millennium Universal College (TMUC) have signed a MoU to collaborate and facilitate each other to enhance the human capital of Pakistan by introducing information technology courses including Oracle, SAP and other major ERP solutions to TMUC’s students, affiliates and members across Pakistan.

ExD, being the only SAP Platinum Partner in Pakistan, will render its expert services to teach TMUC’s students at their premises.

ExD has had the privilege of extensively implementing SAP/Oracle at top level organizations from almost every sector including oil & gas, manufacturing, automobile, FMCG, education, transportation, energy, pharmaceutical, textiles, retail and financial institutions.

ExD and TMUC are confident that such offerings will prepare the young talent of Pakistan to gain hands-on experience of ERP end user platforms, increasing their employability in leading local and multinational organizations.