SARGODHA-A delegation of US diplomats in Pakistan attended a workshop titled “Leadership” held at the Lincoln Corner Sargodha University here on Tuesday.

The delegation was led by US Counsel General (CG) in Lahore, Colleen Crenwelge and Public Affair Officer (PAO) Michael Guinan.

The delegation also visited Lincoln Corner Sargodha to meet the kids of an English Summer Camp and talked about the science, technology, engineering and math and what lesson they extract from the movies they had watched in last 15 days.

Miss Nimra Zia (Coordinator LCS) briefed US dignitaries about the Summer School and community outreach through interactive learning sessions and gave highlights of the different interactive and learning activities conducted at these sections.

Kids amused the visitors by the stunning musical performances. They sung an English song and national song ‘Tera Pakistan ha, yh mera Pakistan ha’. “It was wonderful to visit Sargodha University and meeting such a dynamic group of faculty, students and especially kids. With these kids leading Pakistan, the future is bright.” said Colleen Crenwelge.

She said that the camp promotes reading and communication skills, as well as education in science, technology, engineering and math. About 60 students are attending summer camp here at LCS while more than 500 students are attending such programs throughout Pakistan.

The dignitaries also talked about leadership in an interactive session with the students of English Excess Micro-scholarship Program. They expressed that leaders must have the characteristics of wisdom, justice, righteousness and bravery. All these things are useless without leadership.

Colleen Crenwelge said that the leaders, who focus on the future, understand choices must be made and who practice sound judgment when dealing with people are truly the prudent leaders we all need. She underscored the importance of education and encouraged strong U.S.-Pakistan relationships.

Michael Guinan said that leaders have the wisdom to clarify what the future needs to look like, what actions will create success and which actions need to be avoided. We all want and seek justice for ourselves and no leader would be accepted if their behaviour and actions are dishonest, he added.

The CG appreciated the corner as one of the most active and impactful among all corners in Pakistan. She was optimistic that snowball effect through resourceful, informative programming at the corner will positively influence the University of Sargodha and community in long run.