As the contemporary world is confronted with new challenges in almost every sphere of life B2B Marketplaces are now the emerging trend of doing business, which saves time, energy and     resources of the buyers as well as provides an excellent opportunity to vendors minimizing the involvement of middle-man at any stage of buying/selling process. These Marketplaces are online, collaborative environments that enable businesses to come together and conduct business over the Internet. The business activities can range from buying and selling, to supply chain planning, collaborative product design, development in other words complete business process re-engineering commonly known as BPR Companies and organizations can significantly reduce costs and increase profitability, while extending market reach and streamlining their supply chain with a better spend visibility. By playing a vital role in this regard with the emerging trend, Tejari Pakistan has introduced this innovative and modern trend in Pakistan being a pioneer in this arena. The new system of business guarantees freedom from all sorts of hassles of traditional buying/selling process, including toiling paper-work. To succeed in the Internet economy companies need to communicate and share information with their trading partners in real time, collaborating more effectively to deliver lower cost, higher quality products and services to the market. Prior to the advent of online marketplaces, companies and organizations have been required to use more traditional means of communication, preventing them from being agile enough to respond to rapidly changing market conditions and to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. In fact, the only way to enable this was with point-to-point legacy system integration between a limited number of trading partners, requiring them to integrate their different ERP systems together, a very costly and time consuming endeavour next to impossible. With the introduction of Tejari Pakistan, now we have online exchanges where companies and organizations from cross sector, cross industry have the ability to reach a global market without worrying about integrating with their trading partners ERP systems, doing business much more quickly and efficiently than before. As Online Marketplace, the company provides a business-to-business platform that enables companies to buy and sell goods and services online in a secure and highly compatible environment. Tejari is an open fair and horizontal e-business community. At present there are thousands of local and international companies dealing in all sorts of trades and business which are listed with it opens a big window of opportunity for the buyer and seller at every level. With nothing more than a browser and Internet connection, this webbased B2B mechanism enables companies to capture savings by enhancing strategic sourcing for all business needs. Extending beyond e-commerce, Tejari Pakistan also provides companies with an extend market reach, access to a global supply base, instantaneously share information, and collaborate effectively across the supply chain. Its mechanism is powered by Oracle, which has the size, technology and scalability to provide a safe and reliable environment for conducting business over the Internet. As far as the utility of these facilities is concerned, members from both government and private sectors can trade on Tejari Pakistan. Currently the company has trading partners from all different sectors, including finance, airline, retail, oil & gas, automotive, healthcare, construction, IT, food and beverage, and tourism. The marketplace is essentially a service provider that enables both buyers and suppliers to meet online, in order to facilitate their e-procurement activities. Confidence in the marketplace of the stakeholders is evident by the fact that a new feature is introduced by the name of e-pass which is Tejari's free sms and mail alert service, providing the latest business opportunities from over 100,000 members registered on Tejari Marketplace keeping you updated about the marketplace activities at all times even when you are mobile. Companies acquiring goods amid services can launch online tenders, requests quotations, or search online catalogues by associating with the company. Similarly, through this innovative marketplace, vendors can offer their commodities online and participate in auctions. Recently, innovative business deals between Tejri Pakistan amid giants in the arena of businesses have taken place. Tejari Pakistan has signed agreements with Canteen Stores Department, Pakistan International Airlines, Emaar Pak, HSBC & OPII, which has resulted as a huge success for the organizations in the context of reaping the benefits of the most efficient procurement system and at the same time venture can be ascribed as a landmark achievement for Tejari Pakistan by providing business solutions to such reputed organizations. The business venture was of course a win-win on all from its and has introduced modern business techniques in Pakistan. As part of the partnership Tejari Pakistan Limited was offering a unique, flexible and most transparent trading platform, which will serve to reduce purchasing costs, whilst providing direct access to the largest network of buyers and suppliers online in the South East Asia, Middle East amid China. According to e-commerce experts, the online trading portal helps facilitate trade between companies through the largest buyer network in the Middle East. Pakistan and China thereby ensuring more and more businesses on the portal for our local suppliers to reach beyond their geographic boundaries and helping Pakistan as an emerging market to become 'e-ready". Through this e-Marketplace suppliers can access markets that are beyond their reach in the traditional marketplace without any additional cost. These dynamic functionalities bring Tejari Pakistan ( at the forefront among the companies which have comprehensive and innovative solutions for our local economy to fight against rising costs of goods amid services, ensure transparency and bring us at par with the international best practices in e-Commerce. Tejari Pakistan is also the first B2B marketplace to be ISO certified.