Balochistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti said six Afghan spies have been arrested from Pishin, Waqt News reported. He claimed these spies were involved in different anti-state activities like target killing. While addressing a press conference the Home Minister severely criticized the

Afghan Intelligence Agency for interfering internal affairs and ‘deceiving’ Pakistan. While answering a question regarding the role of Afghan Intelligence Agency, Bugti said the spies had been paid Rs. 80,000 for one bombing and got almost Rs. 250,000 for launching a targeted attack on an individual.

“Three NDS Generals including General Naeem Baloch, General Momin and General Malik and the head of this Afghan network were providing financial and logistical support to these spies” Bugti claimed. Bugti pointed out that it is the responsibility of Foreign Office to contact the Afghan government regarding the issue. “We want brotherly relations with Afghanistan but if NDS keeps on doing this, then it will be very hard,” he exclaimed.

“I also want to caution Afghan President about the activities of NDS because relations will further be disturbed because of these elements.” On the issue of Afghan refugees the Provincial Home Minister said that these refugees need to go home now. “We respect the refugees but they need to go to their homeland now,” he said.

“The refuges have a choice, either they go peacefully or the people of Balochistan will humiliate them and send them to their homes,” he added. “We have had enough,” Bugti exclaimed. “Our security is being compromised because of the nexus of these refugees, NDS and RAW,” he claimed.

“NDS is a sub-organization of RAW and they have very cordial relations between them especially against Pakistan,” he added.

The Frontier Corps (FC) officers were also present in the press conference alongside Sarfaraz Bugti.The confessional video statements were also shown to the media which were in Pashto except one, which was in Farsi.

This is the second major spy bust after the arrest of Indian Spy Kulbushan Yadav from Balochistan. He confessed that he was sent by Indian Intelligence Agency for refueling the Baloch Insurgency.