LAHORE - The Punjab Food Authority is going to take steps to prevent and foil the unhygienic meat supply to the city and to enhance the vigilance at bakeries and eateries as Ramazan is around the corner.

An official of Punjab Food Authority said in the upcoming Ramazan the authority will make sure that bakery owners and eateries would take adequate steps and follow the guideline given by the authority.

The official said at food establishments kitchen of bakeries which are the primary source of providing freshly baked eatables to people measures included  quality of food in kitchens, identification of expired ingredients, use of quality oil and ghee, use of quality meat, poultry and fish, spices and sauces, ketchup and mayonnaise, quality vegetables and pulses. 

The set image of high famed bakeries was shaken in the eyes of public when PFA and city district government magistrates’ exposed the venerable conditions of their kitchen’s sanitation situation. It also includes no presence of flies, insects, cats rodents and their residues of the bakery. 

PFA had issued Standard Operating Procedures SOPs for the eateries according to which bakery must properly covered food items, cooked and uncooked items stored separately, and neatly in freezers, cleaned the utensils with soap, and cleaned premises., proper ventilation/lighting,

Punjab Food Authority Annual Report 2013-14 stated that “across the board phenomenon on the part of owners/managers of hotels and restaurants  has  been  witnessed who provide very  impressive  ambiance  in  the  sitting  area  while  the kitchens   are   typically   non compliant.   Similarly,  when   it   comes   to   the   sweet   shops confectionaries  and  bakeries  where  the  products  are  presented  and  sold,  the  food  business operators provide a very different view if we compare it with the level of hygiene maintained  at the manufacturing units”.

SOPs included employees hygiene where PFA during raid checks whether employees are having infectious disease or without treating medicals.

Farhan Ahmed a restaurant owner at Lakshmi Chowk one of the busiest food spots in Lahore said that with the grace of Almighty Allah we have been providing fresh and tasty food to the people before the PFA was launched. After they announced SOPs we have followed and we will serve the people following our traditions.

The authority has given directions to employees to covers theirs head and beard, proper hair and nail cut, no rings and cuts on hands, worker wearing clean clothing and uniform and should have separate  toilets other than the manufacturing area sufficient number of toilets 1 toilet for 25 person.