RAWALPINDI: The police department has adopted a new strategy to handle the mounting incidents of robberies at Murree Road by forming a quick response force .

Keeping in view the escalating theft occurrences at banks and trading centres of the New Town and Waris Khan localities, a quick response force has been constituted under the direction of City Police Officer (CPO) IsrarAbbasi to deal with the dacoits terrorizing the area.

According to sources the quick response force will comprise of two squads. Each squad will consist of a mobile van carrying one senior officer and four constables. The mobile van will be escorted by two motorcycles of the Muhafiz force carrying four personnel.

The teams have been scheduled to patrol from Committee Chowk to Faizabad for twelve hours, starting from 8 AM to 8 PM. CPO IsrarAbbasi will personally monitor the location of the squads and also give directives to the squad regarding their duties.