ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) yesterday laid bare its mind that it would oppose any move to include the issue of written off loans in the ToRs for Panama probe commission.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan told the media that government was trying to include loans matter in the ToRs to unnecessarily confuse and widen the issue though the matter of loans had already been settled.

This statement of Khan will make it quite difficult for the parliamentary committee to forge consensus on the terms for Panama Papers probe, as the government wants the issue of written off loans also to be probed alongside the Panama leaks revelations.

The government with the consent of the opposition parties has put three issues on the table for discussion. These are Panama leaks, written off loans and corruption committed by politicians and government functionaries in the form of kickbacks and commissions during the previous governments.

Imran Khan said that a three-member commission constituted by the Supreme Court had already settled the matter of written off loans and demanded that the government should make public the report of that commission to take the culprits to task. "A three-member commission headed by Justice (r) Syed Jamshed Ali was constituted by the Supreme Court on June 3, 2011 in pursuance of suo motu case (No. 26 of 2007) in respect of recovery of written off loans from 1971 onwards."

PTI chief added that the commission submitted its report before the Supreme Court in February 2013 and the apex court directed for making the report public. "Neither the previous nor the present governments have made the report public and have deliberately been sitting over it to save the neck of their favourites named in the report."

Imran called upon the government to immediately publish the report and take immediate action against those who got their loans written off.