MAILSI - The Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital of Mailsi is in very poor condition nowadays because of shortage of doctors and drugs, out-of-order ambulances and lack of other facilities.

There are 14 seats of doctors sanctioned but only four doctors are posted there while two ambulances of THQ Hospital are out of order for a long period. The hospital generator is also out of order. The patients have to stay at grounds during loadshedding. Expired medicines are burnt and heavy amount of costly injections are stolen in the hospital. The media has time and again highlighted the issue but to no avail, patents present there complained.

Because of absenteeism by doctors, the patients have to have recourse to private clinics for treatment on heavy charges even after selling their assets like wheat and ornaments, they said. There are a lot of organisations in Tehsil Mailsi but no one raised voice against the corruption and negligence of doctors and the staff, the people complained.