ISLAMABAD:Federal Secretary for Water and Power has said that electricity outages will be brought to zero by June 2018. 

Mohammad Younus Dagha said this while addressing a conference on Power Generation in Islamabad today.

The Secretary said power generation capacity will reach thirty thousand megawatts in the next two years from the present twenty thousand megawatts as a series of projects have been launched to achieve the target.

He said the load shedding  will further decrease in the coming winter with the addition of some power plants in the system. 

Younus Dagha said several projects have been launched in hydel, coal and reneweable energy which will help meet ever growing energy requirements. He said the hydel and Thar coal projects will come into generation by 2022 which will take the installed electricity capacity to fifty three thousand megawatts. 

He said twenty five renewable energy projects are also in the pipeline. He said about twenty seven hundred megawatt of electricity from wind and solar will be added to the system by 2018. 

The Secretary said that steps have also been taken towards bringing efficiency in distribution system and energy conservation. He said distribution losses have been brought down to ten years low.