Rawalpindi - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Chief Siraj-ul-Haq has said the United States rubbed salt into wounds of Pakistani nation by informing Nawaz Sharif about the drone strike after targeting the vehicle in Balochistan.

“The rulers have badly failed to protect the country’s sovereignty, national esteem and borders. Pakistani nation had earlier defended its homeland against enemies by tying bombs on chests and will do so again if needed,” he added.

Siraj was addressing the party activists who gathered at Rawalpindi railway station yesterday to receive participants of ‘JI Train March against Corruption.’ The JI chief was flanked by former MNA Mian Aslam, Shamasur Rehman Swati, Zubair Farooq Khan, Raza Ahmed Shah, Syed Uzair Hamid and Muhammad Hanif Chaudhary. Charged activists of JI bellowed slogans against rulers and US President Barack Obama.

The JI chief said that the US has violated the sovereignty of Pakistan by firing missile from unmanned aerial vehicle.

He said that the Americans also rubbed salt into wounds of Pakistani nation by intimating Nawaz Sharif about the drone strike after targeting the vehicle. He demanded the government to lift the matter at the platform of the United Nations.

He said that the masses of Pakistan are worried because of unemployment, poverty, price hike and terrorism but the corrupt rulers were busy sucking the blood of countrymen. The corrupt are ruling over the country, he said adding that people are running from pillar to post to get justice.

He said that he did not accept such a system in which the rich are enjoying whereas the educated doctors are burning their degrees on roads. “Unfortunately, the drug, land, corrupt and commission mafias are sitting in power corridors and they are not allowing the honest and dedicated persons to come forward to serve the country,” he said.

He stressed upon the need of formation of a powerful commission for accountability of such corrupt elements and to declare them illegible for politics and holding any public office.

Commenting on Panama Leaks, Siraj said that those involved in making offshore companies should be punished as per law. He said that no JI leader’s name is included in Panama Papers. He also condemned Bangladeshi government for hanging Matiur Rehman Nizami.

Tight security arrangements were made on the railway station by police to guard the participants of train march.