WASHINGTON - The United States says Pakistan needs to do more to root out terrorists using its soil to find refuge.

“We have been very clear-eyed and very clear in our interaction with Pakistan where we’ve believed that they need to do more to root out terrorists, who find safe haven(s) on some of their territory, and we’re going to continue to do that. I’ll leave it there,” State Department Spokesman Mark Toner told reporters.

However, the US would continue to work with Pakistan and provide necessary tools to confront the threat of terrorism, Toner said in the daily press briefing while answering a series of questions related to Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Mansour’s death.

On the reports that Mansour travelled frequently between Karachi and Dubai, and Iran via the Pakistani border town of Taftan, the spokesperson said the US does not have any clarity on his visits to Iran. He however did say that the assassinated Taliban chief was using a fake Pakistani passport.

“You know, our major concern is that a major threat to our military on the ground in Afghanistan has been removed from the battlefield,” he added.

Toner did not respond to questions on trust with Pakistan and the statements of the Pakistani officials that they were informed about the airstrike against Mansour some seven hours after the attack.

The US, he argued, would not get into the operational details of the strike, “except to say that these are very narrow windows in any case”.

“It is not just with friends and allies or partners or whoever, but in any of these instances it’s absolutely vital to keep operational security,” he argued.

Responding to a question, he said the US has conveyed to the Pakistani government and authorities before that they need to pursue actively terrorist organisations that are using their soil, their territory to find refuge.

“We’ve also said before that Pakistan is a country that, unfortunately, knows the effects of terrorism, the tragedy of terrorism. It’s suffered multiple terrorist attacks, mass casualty terrorist attacks. So it understands the stakes here,” he added.

“But we’re going to continue to work with the Pakistani authorities and a full faith effort, both to give them the tools they need and the capabilities they need to confront this threat and we’re going to also continue to, as we share intelligence and other information with them, to point out that we believe that terrorists are finding safe haven,” Toner said.