LAHORE - The dairy safety team of the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) disposed of 5,000 litres tainted milk in a crackdown. PFA Director General Muhammad Usman said on Saturday that thousands of litres contaminated milk was carried on a vehicle for supplying to milk shops of the metropolitan city from Mandi Bhauddin. The PFA placed screening pickets at the entry and exit points of the city, and checked 10,500 litres milk. The purpose of the milk inspection was ensuring the supply of pure milk at every nook and corner of Punjab. He added that the PFA tested the milk on the spot and found adulterated ingredients in 5,000 litres milk.  He explained that Banaspati Ghee and powder were used to enhance the thickness of milk, while contaminated water was also found in it during the screening test. He said that water usually used to increase the quantity of milk to make more money. Use of adulterated milk caused many diseases in children and adults, he mentioned. The PFA DG said that PFA dairy safety teams were fully loaded with modern lactoscan milk analyser machines, which were able to identify any kind of adulteration in milk. Those vehicles which carry safe and healthy milk, were always being appreciated after testing by dairy safety teams of PFA. Muhammad Usman said that milk supply was being checked on a daily basis as per directions of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar. He added the pasteurization process was the only way to stop the wicked practice of milk adulteration.