KARACHI - The anti-encroachment department of KMC carried on its action against encroachments in the Burns Road area on the second consecutive day on Sunday during which 70 more shops were demolished which were built on foot paths and roads, however many of the encroachments were removed by people themselves.

Metropolitan Commissioner Dr Syed Saif-ur-Rehman said that the ongoing action against encroachments will be continued till the removal of all illegal constructions and structures made on foot paths, roads, streets, parks and drains. The commissioner along with director coordination Masood Alam visited the area on Sunday and monitored the action.

He on this occasion directed the anti encroachments staff to further expedite the action and continue work without any break.

He said that Burns Road is the historical area of Karachi which have many old buildings and the encroachments had put adverse affect on these beautiful buildings.

He said that more than 80 percent space was encroached on both side of the streets and shops and houses were built there due to which the people residing there had lot of difficulties due to this situation.

The commissioner said this action was being carried out on the orders of the Supreme Court and all encroachments from foot paths, drains and parks will be removed.

He said all illegal constructions will be removed in this campaign and besides Burns Road, encroachments in Khori Garden, Lea Market, Joria Bazar, Kharadar, Mithadar and Garden area will also be removed.

He said that this is the first phase of this drive and in the second phase debris and waste will be removed and then repairing of foot paths and roads will be done in the third phase.

He said that all debris from Saddar Empress Market has been removed already and the coloring and renovation work at historical buildings was also being done.

He said that the Supreme Court has directed to continue this operation against encroachments. He said that lifting of debris was being carried out in Light House and other places where encroachments have been removed and the cleaning and colouring work will be done speedily.

He said that the people have cooperated in this action which is in the larger interest of the city.