ISLAMABAD-The dissolved Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) employees on Monday staging the protest said that government was misled by few elements regarding dissolved council’s role in sacking of 6,000 medical professionals in Saudi Arabia.

PMDC sacked employees holding banners with slogans favouring restoration of the organisation staged protest in front of press club. Speaking on the occasion, they rejected the press conference of the President and Vice President of the Commission, they said that their failed policies have severely affected the structure of the medical profession.

It was also stated that president PMC tried to present the organisation as regulator, which is totally against the reality as it is very clear in the ordinance that it’s not a regulator.

Legally no restriction can be placed on the fees of medical colleges. In this concern, he tried to mislead the journalists, the government, and the public, protesters said.

They said so far, more than 150 cases cannot be issued during the time of a month.

Protestors said the situation is so critical that there are hundreds of fake doctors practicing in the market who have been identified under its sixty years’ experience of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, and they will get their registration benefiting from the weak mechanism of the commission, that also includes 60 fake foreign graduates and more than 250 local graduates.

They said the charges against the newly appointed eight officers have also been imposed and issued by the member commission and the letters of imposition have already been issued to them, similarly the situation of merit is also devastating as a junior 17th grade officer is being appointed on for the such a responsible position of a secretary. This decision has also affected those who were waiting for their pensions after retirement.

On the other hand, some private medical colleges were fined billions of rupees which have been eliminated because of this new ordinance.

The number of registered doctors in Pakistan is about three lac, while there are 168 medical colleges in which thousands of students are studying medicine. Similarly, thousands of Pakistani doctors are affected who are serving abroad like US, Europe, and the Gulf.

All over the world, the degree of Pakistani doctors has been put under question.