LAHORE - Three holidays of Ashura narrowed the supply of fruits and vegetables and impact of which could be seen not only in open market but also at Sunday Bazaars where limited veggies variety was available for sale with thin attendance of visitors.

The price of fruits and vegetables saw a sharp increase due to shortage in supply during Muharram holidays, showing a hike of 20-30 rates. The price of vegetables like onions, potatoes, garlic, ginger, spinach, brinjal, bitter-gourd and okra shot up by at least Rs20 to Rs40 per kilogramme (kg).

The price of onions was Rs60 per kg while the price prior to Muharram was Rs50 to Rs 45 per kg. The price of potatoes was Rs40 to Rs50 per kg while before Muharram holidays potatoes were sold for Rs30 per kg. Garlic was sold for Rs300 to Rs250 per kg, earlier it was sold for Rs24 per kg. Ginger was available for Rs260 per kg while earlier it was sold for Rs249 per kg. The price of Spinach was Rs150 per kg while before Muharram holidays it sold for Rs80 per kg.

The price of apples has also risen. Apples sold for Rs100 to Rs130 per kg but before holidays they were available for Rs50 to Rs80 per kg. Similarly, bananas sold for Rs55 to Rs65 per dozen, earlier they sold for Rs30 to Rs45 per dozen. Vendors said that the reason for the higher prices was that they are not getting the full supply from the main fruits and vegetables market.

Moreover, the fruits and vegetables available are not freshly picked but around three to four days old. “The main wholesale vegetable and fruit market is closed for last four holidays, which caused a supply and demand problem and resulted in increased prices. They added that the supply would improve from Monday on when fresh vegetables would arrive in the city.

They said that the supply of vegetables was further impacted as majority of transporters close shop for Muharram. Most vendors were selling stale vegetables at higher rates. They said that the prices would get normal in a couple of days.

Fruit market dealers said that around 60 percent of vegetables arrived in Lahore wholesale market from surrounding areas of Kasur, Sheikhupura and Okara and some vendors directly purchased vegetables from the fields and trucks loaded with vegetables arrived in city. Due to abnormal supply of vegetables in the market, prices went up till regular supply begins. There was not any effect on supply of milk, chicken, meat and eggs despite the fact those markets remained closed.