SIALKOT - Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith Ameer Sajid Mir strongly condemned growing extremism in India, saying that the blackening of human rights activists’ faces with ink has exposed the real face of India globally.

Addressing the party workers, Prof Mir said that the Modi government was promoting extremism in India, which has raised the curtain from the audios face of India, which claims to be the biggest democracy. He said that rising anti-Muslims extremism and war aggression had already put peace in danger in Asia.

He urged the United Nations and the US to take serious notice of the highhandedness and aggression of Indian extremist organisation Shiv Sena. He urged the world to declare Shiv Sena as a terrorist organization and impose a ban on its activities.

He said that if the UN and America could take stern action against Lashkar-e-Tayyuba and Haqqani Network in Pakistan, why they were not taking notice of Shiv Sena’s atrocities in India. He urged the UN to declare Shiv Sena as a militant and terrorist organisation.

He also urged the US to take action against India for its direct or indirect involvement in subversive activities in Pakistan, as Pakistan has also presented the dossiers against India before the US.