ISLAMABAD: As high magnitude earthquake jolted Pakistan on Monday afternoon, its severe shocks were also felt in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad causing serious trauma among people of all age groups especially schoolchildren.

In Rawalpindi, government schools close at 2:30 pm and as the earthquake hit the country at 2:09 pm; it caused a wave of fear among the school children. “The children started crying out of fear and got panicked,” a teacher of government run school told The Nation. We tried to pacify the children but they were under serious trauma till the closure of classes. In Rawalpindi, the local authorities have declared a number of school buildings sensitive and vulnerable to natural calamities because of their old structures.

In Islamabad, government schools close at 1 pm and most of the children had gone back to their homes before earthquake occurred. However, the students of ‘second shift classes’ were coming to their educational institutions. The tremors of earthquake also caused a wave of fear among them.

However, no casualty or any other damages were reported in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

In twin cities, the people working in government and private offices started running outside from their workplaces while the household women rushed out in the streets.

Sectors F-10 and E-11 of Islamabad have high-rise buildings; the streets in these areas were over crowded as the people came out of their apartments during the earthquake. A resident of E-11 said that the buildings’ developers in the area had constructed high-rise 10 storey buildings while they had permission only up to 4-storey buildings from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). He raised a question mark on the working of Capital CDA and said that the authority had failed to stop developers to construct ‘illegal’ high rise buildings in the area. “Who will be responsible for any untoward incident as it was going to happen today,” he said.