In the wake of the recent round of negotiations between members of Quaidian Students Federation (QSF) and the administration of Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, QSF has called off its strike that lasted for almost 20 days.

But the situation on University’s premises is yet to normalize. The students associated with Baloch Council showed their resentment against the agreement reached upon by the parties as the matter of expelled students failed to get attention according to their wishes. To dismantle their protest, the varsity’s officials relied on the police force.

While remarking on the University’s recourse to use violence and force against the students, the VC needs to bear it in mind that it does not suit an academic institution like QAU to rely on brute force against students’ demands. It is right that the administration reserves the right to formulate a policy and set of rules to maintain law and order on the campus, as the Dr. Javed Ashraf sees rustication as a matter of principle. However, the same message can be conveyed to the students who are demanding to restore those who are unable to complete their degrees for the University has decided.

A university is a place where norms like tolerance, plurality, respecting opposing opinions and ideas are taught. Students learn these customs while debating all these values among themselves and with their faculty members. But the University’s reliance on force to silence the students goes against the core values and philosophical foundations of a University.

While not interfering with the administration of the University, however, a suggestion can be made to break the stalemate and ensure a smooth running of academic affairs. The students should be readmitted and allowed to attend their classes so that they can complete their academic degrees. However, this readmission should serve them the purpose of a warning. That if they are found again guilty of disrupting the peace of the campus, no tolerance will be shown to them.