LAHORE      -     The Narendra Modi-led Indian government is not only denying Kashmiri Muslims their right to self-determination; it is also actively promoting persecution and violence against other religious minorities, including Christians, in its bid to impose its ideology of Hindutva, the senior most Christian bishop in Pakistan said on Friday. “It’s high time the world takes notice of the brutal violence being perpetrated against the Kashmiris and other religious minorities in the name of Hindu nationalism,” said Rt Reverend Bishop Dr Azad Marshall of the Church of Pakistan while addressing a press conference at the Raiwind Diocese head office here.  Dr Azad said that over 1,400 incidents of persecution against Christians in India have been reported since the year Prime Minister Modi and his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party rose to power.  “We often receive reports of rapes, communal violence, forced conversion charges and other abuses committed against Christians in India. Cases such as these are becoming commonplace there and are largely fuelled by rhetoric of BJP and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) officials,” he said, adding that in the Hindutva ideology, no other faiths besides Hindu are safe.  “Indians can only be Hindu, so goes this extreme form of nationalism,” said Dr Azad.  He added that every month of 2019 saw more incidents of persecution against Christians in India than they did in 2018.  “Pakistani Christians demand the international community to press India to immediately lift the curfew and lockdown in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir region and allow Kashmiris and other religious minorities living in other parts of the country to live in peace,” he said. The senior church leader said that Pakistani Christians were standing firmly behind the armed forces and fully supporting the government’s efforts to highlight the Kashmir issue on global forums.