KARACHI - PML-Q central leader and former federal minister, Nisar Memon, has said that if Afghan President Hamid Karazi wanted cordial relations with Pakistan then he should openly accept Durand Line as a border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Addressing a joint press conference at Karachi Press Club along with his daughter and PML-Q MNA Marvi Memon on Thursday, he said that Afghan president should make arrangements for the rehabilitation of Afghan refugees who settled in Pakistan after former USSR attacked Afghanistan. "Religious militancy has been increased in Pakistan and Afghanistan because Afghan government has failed to stop cultivating the crop of opium poppy which is a major source of finance to religious extremists groups." Memon urged the PPP-led government that it should inform the parliament about the pact it made with US President Bush when Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani paid his first visit to United States. "Pakistan is facing security threats on internal and external fronts and it's the responsibility of government to take the entire parliament in confidence to cope with the challenges faced by the country," he added. He strongly condemned the US incursion in tribal belt saying that previous regime led by former president Pervez Musharraf never made pact with US to allow sole super power to violate sovereignty of the country by attacking in Pakistan soil. He suggested the government that it should take serious notice about the think tank report of US scholars in which they suggested disintegrating the Pakistan into different regional territories. Memon said that anti Pakistan forces wanted to create political uncertainty in the country, creating disharmony among the provinces and targeting the Pakistan Army and those institutions which always played key role in uniting the country by meeting the challenges faced by the country. He suggested President Asif Ali Zardari to establish strong relations with China and should utilise his energies to further strengthen relations between China and Pakistan rather visiting United States. MNA Marvi Memon said that PML-Q has welcomed President Zardari's statement to make cordial relation with India but suggested him that he should take bold stand towards India rather than showing appeasement. She opined that Kashmir issue should be resolved through tripartite dialogue between India, Pakistan and Kashmiri leaders. "President should demand from the Indian PM compensation on water after India made Bagliyar Dam. Zardari should also demand from Manmohan Singh to stop providing weapons to separatist elements in the country and should stop terrorism activities in Pakistan," she added. To a query senator Nisar Memon claimed that previous regime had openly discussed all the pacts inked by former president Musharraf with the United States adding that he never compromise on the integrity of the country. "There was a huge pressure on Musharraf to send Pakistan Army to Iraq but Senate and National Assembly had passed resolutions against the US pressure by rejecting Bush's demand," he added. He added that during PML (Q) government huge pressure on ex President Musharraf to send Pak Army in Iraq but in senate and NA made resolutions against US pressure rejecting US President Bush demand. Memon criticised PPP-led government's move about ISI to give it under interior ministry. He disclosed that he keep in touch with Musharraf. "He is living happily with his family and playing tennis." Memon said that he had personal relations with Musharraf and did not meet him as a leader of PML-Q. "I take guidance from him."