MANDI BAHAUDDIN-The lawyers continued their strike for the second consecutive day on Wednesday against the registration of a ‘false’ case against one of the DBA members Omer Usman Gondal of Khai village.

They held a DBA general meeting at District Bar Room and demanded transfer of DPO for giving freehand to his subordinates for black mailing public by registering false cases.

Some of the speakers said that police are corrupt and their conduct against the public is criminal. They claimed that due to poor control of the DPO, crime in the district is on rise. There are cases still awaiting investigation and arrest of accused and the victims are waiting for recovery of their stolen property and justice. They alleged that police stations are sold where extortion prevailed with impunity. They said their colleague was arrested at the instance of an influential of the areas and later fake case war registered against the lawyer. Such tactics shows clear mala fides of the police, they remarked. The meeting unanimously resolved that DPO should be transferred within a week and SDPO and SHO be dealt with severely under the law for registration of a fake case against the lawyer and misusing their authority. They also demanded cancellation of the FIR. The meeting warned that lawyers would resort to mass protest if their demands are not met. DBA President Parvaiz Ranjha presided the meeting while proceedings were conducted by DBA Secretary Munawar Langah. After the meeting, the lawyers gathered in front of the Bar Room and raised slogans “go DPO go.”


A man was arrested from court for courting second marriage without the permission of first wife after he was sentenced to two months in prison and fined Rs0.5 million by a court. Muhammad Saleem, son of M. Aslam of village 11/1L tied the knot with Shumaila Maqbool sometime ago. Later he courted second marriage with Urooj Safdar which came to the knowledge of Shumail, who filed a suit against her husband Saleem in the court. On Wednesday, a court sentenced Saleem to two months in prison for courting second marriage without permission of his first wife, and was arrested from the court. The court also imposed a fine of Rs0.5 million on him.