LAHORE     -    The Punjab government has decided to bring the online car dealers and sellers in the tax net likewise car dealers in the province. Punjab finance minister Hahsim Jawan Bakhat chairing a meeting along with Punjab minister for trade Mian Aslam Iqbal and Excise and Taxation minister Hafiz Mumtaz with Lahore Car Dealer Association here on Wednesday to address the issues of the car dealers. The meeting was also attended by the secretaries and DGs of the department concern. The ministers admitted the complaints of the car dealers. However, they mentioned that adverse economic situation affected the government revenue stream but the situation was improving now. The government agreed to reduce return filing duration for the car dealers while taxation system was being completely automated. He said that a mobile application was being launched soon for return filing and automation of taxation system. Hahsim Jawan Bakhat said that Olx and other companies are modern era companies while the taxation departments were dealing manually. Soon the online car dealers and sellers would be brought into the tax net, he mentioned. He said that the government system was being updated with modern technologies while federal government introduced the E-commerce concept which was being implemented in the province too. The minister made it clear that Punjab General Sales on services imposed by the Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) on dealer’s commission only. He assured seriously considering the car dealers demands by making the PRA’s complaint cell effective. He said it was responsibility of the public sector to create easiness for private sector for economic revival. He also assured to bring the issues of the car dealers at provincial and federal platforms to resolve the grievances. Mian Aslam Iqbal said that the government was doing sincere efforts to resolve car dealers’ issues while gathering of all departments at a single forum was to resolve the issues. He said Punjab will play bridge role to resolve car dealer’s issues with federal government as well. Additionally, a committee would be established in which CTO will be included to resolve traffic issues in city roads. Hafiz Mumtaz briefed the meeting about delay of computerized number plates due to legal issues while issues of smart cards would also be resolved soon.