LAHORE - Seven armed bandits barged into the residence of senior journalist Abdul Rauf Tahir in Lahore’s Lake City on Wednesday and made off with cash, gold ornaments, and other valuables worth two million rupees.  The dacoits, equipped with automatic guns, entered the building through the main entrance late Tuesday night. According to the victim family, the bandits were wearing masks and gloves.  Tahir also told the Raiwind City police that one of the gunmen held him hostage at gunpoint while six others dacoits reached the second floor and ransacked the bedrooms where his children were sleeping. The robbers tied the hands and feet of the house owner with a rope and forced him to keep quiet.  The gunmen then searched all the cupboards in the bedrooms and fled after collecting cash, gold ornaments, mobile phones, home appliances, unstitched clothes, and wristwatches worth Rs 2 million. The brazen house robbery took place in the Lake City, otherwise a peaceful and posh locality. The victim family filed an application with Raiwind City police station, demanding immediate arrest of the criminals and recovery of the looted money. The police are investigating the incident with no arrest made yet.