Six days after the Geo-ISI showdown began following the deadly attack on renowned journalist Hamid Mir, Chairman PTI Imran Khan has finally joined the party. Some would say that he is late. Others would exclaim that at least, he showed up. But, everyone is surprised to find the man who is so vocal about almost everything, remain dead silent on an issue that involves a direct confrontation between the biggest media house and the country’s premier intelligence agency. Perhaps it was due to some urgent matters that required Mr Khan’s undivided attention? It is highly unlikely. After all, what could be more urgent than this? May be Mr Khan deliberately stayed away from the mess to observe and calculate before he took a clear position? Knowing Mr Khan’s style of politics, that appears even more implausible. It appears that once again, it is Mr Khan himself who will be relied on to give an unsatisfactory and elaborate explanation for something that doesn’t make much sense; his forte.

It was quite interesting to witness the PTI Chairman lambast a news channel for throwing accusations without substantial proof. When one has accomplished so much in life, it is rather difficult to keep track of all the achievements. So, a quick reminder seems to be in order. One of Mr Khan’s most notable contributions in recent times has been that of mainstreaming the view that the media is working on an ‘anti-Pakistan agenda’ in exchange for the “foreign funding” it receives. He can also take pride in making the term “dollar-khor” extremely popular in the public. The only problem is that Mr Khan has not provided a shred of evidence that justifies his many accusations. But, of course, that doesn’t deter him from consistently labeling those as traitors who disagree with his views. Everyone was right about the fact that we needed an educated politician who would rise above the traditional politics of slander and intolerance, and take the country forward. Let’s keep looking.