KARACHI-With food options becoming more cluttered on a daily basis, fast food restaurants are introducing new recipes to attract customers and satisfy the diverse appetites of the nation.

Located in the heart of Karachi at Bukhari Commercial Lane (DHA), the New York Coffee offers everything from fast food to pastas and steaks.

New York Coffee creative team believes in creating an atmosphere where food lovers get a perfect deal for their money.  The entire interior of the renowned cafe makes us believe as if we actually walked into New York style cafes, where greatness splashed across the walls and not just in the presentation of our meal. Getting lost in the menu is easy — there are a total of 12 pages filled with amazing photographs. Omelettes, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, wraps, crepes, pastas, grilled meals, espresso, smoothies — you name it and they’ve got it. For all those who don’t know, New York Coffee is a well-known fast food cafe that has made its way not in Lahore but has also three more branches in Karachi. The brand started on a Country island called Bahrain in the year 1999, when two passionate Americans launched a coffee roaster.

New York Coffee has their own roasting plant located in Sitra, Bahrain and that’s where all the magic happens. The brand roasts its own beans in Bahrain from a local coffee plant that has been providing fresh beans since the year 2000.  NYC’s first retail coffee shop was built in the heart of Bahrain’s capital for locals to savor locally roasted coffee.  That first shop became wildly popular throughout Bahrain and New York Coffee’s flagship community turned a simple coffee house into a refuge for people to gather, relax and socialize.  We decided to order a mixture of items from a NYC Crispy burger to commando fries and a sizzler, after which I planned to order a cappuccino coffee.  The NYC crispy burger was rich in taste and impressive, served with pickle and a variety of delicious sauces and dips.  Available for Rs 360 only, Commando fries is not only affordable but also extremely refreshing and proves to be the perfect meal.  The café’s desert is a must-try. They are fresh baked and once you taste them it is something you craze it over and over. Their club sandwich was an absolute delight. The grilled chicken was ready for perfection and my taste buds screamed the word ‘ yummy ‘ with every bite.  Talking to this scribe, CEO Imran Agha said: “Today, the brand has evolved into a stronger force honoring those same principles and core values that New York Coffee was built upon. Pakistan is inspired by a culture of unity, with a taste and passion for high-quality coffee and good food.  After the phenomenon feedback of Lahore and Karachi, we are soon launching our new outlet in Islamabad.”