Mingora - A suicide bomber was shot dead by the peace lashkar while his accomplice managed to escape as they were trying to enter a mosque following the Friday prayers here at Maband area of tehsil Kabal. According to lakhskar sources, when faithfuls were coming out of the mosque after offering Juma tul Wida prayer at Maband village, one of the two suicide bombers tried to enter the mosque by opening fire at a security personnel deputed at the entrance. However, the local lashkar guards sitting in the garden quickly reacted and shot dead the attacker. When contacted, Saifullah Khan, head of the Nepkikhel Qaumi Lashkar, claimed while talking to this correspondent that the a 17-year-old bomber was shot down after being sighted by the lashkar members. He opened fire on security person deputed at the entrance leaving him injured in a bid to enter the mosque when the guards opened fire at the bomber, he said. ISPR Swat spokesperson Colonel Arif also confirmed the incidents but said the bomber was shot by the security forces deployed in the area, while the other suicide bomber managed to escape. Later, security forces and Local Lakhskar members cordoned off the area and launched a operation to arrest the bombers accomplice. This was a first attempt of suicide bombing at district Swat in 2011.