RAWALPINDI (APP) - Managing Director Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), Mir Shahjahan Khetran has stressed upon the need for collective efforts to promote tourism and devise strategies to address the problems being faced by the tourism sector within the existing socio-political environment. While speaking at an Iftar dinner hosted by him in honour of PTDC employees here, he sought their commitment and support in improving the PTDC for meeting its objectives. He highlighted that PTDC is offering discount during the holy month of Ramazan at PTDC Motels. With the prime objective of promotion of tourism in remote and under-developed areas, PTDC launched its Motels Subsidiary (PTDC Motels) in 1976. From a modest beginning limit of 10 units, PTDC Motels have now expanded its boarding, lodging and restaurant facilities to 43 remote tourist destinations spread across the country. With over 600 rooms, it has now become the largest chain of motels & restaurants in Pakistan. In line with governments tourism development strategy, PTDC motels were constructed to meet two primary objectives; to open up new areas for tourism and set the pace for the private sector to follow, secondly, to initiate socio-economic development of the area. PTDC has been fortunate to meet with the objectives and presents an accessible and affordable facility at the most picturesque sites nature has to offer.