Our Staff Reporter MULTAN President Mango Growers Association Pakistan (MGAP) and Mango Growers Cooperative Society Limited Multan (MGCSL), Syed Zahid Hussain Gardezi has said that the Mango Processing Plants gifted under USAID-Firm Project for few mango orchards in Pakistan will help in reducing post harvest losses of mango and improve marketing quality of those orchards. In a statement issued here on Friday, he hoped that the long-outstanding demand of the Mango Growers Association for transfer of contemporary post and pre-harvesting technology to the mango growers would stand vindicated by the outcome of these mango processing units once fully operational, although on a very minuscule scale. Zahid Gardezi said that these few mango processing units are inadequate for the fourth largest mango producing nation of the world, which Pakistan is today and demanded transfer of indigenous post harvesting technology to Small and medium mango growers to enable them to produce quality mango and curtail losses. He said that there is a need to develop mango industry through Mango Clusters instead of individual growers to have a larger impact on the mango growers economy and help alleviate poverty in rural areas. Syed Zahid Hussain Gardezi also desired that USAID play a proactive role and augment its activities through organized forum of Mango Growers Association Pakistan and Mango Growers Cooperative Society Limited Multan instead of addressing issues at individual farm levels to have a quantum leap towards progress and credible impact. Mr Zahid Hussain Gardezi said that Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) and Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) team of USDA in United States Embassy in Islamabad has been working on SPS compliances and other Protocols for export of Pakistani mangoes to USA since 2009 and has finally been accorded dividends in shape of successful trial shipment of mangoes from Ali Tareen Farms, Lodhran, which have been very well received in USA. . He said that Mango Growers Association is pleased at this impressive development and hoped that ultimately USA will become a major import market for Pakistani mangoes. He demanded facilitation to every mango growers to acquire Good Agricultural Practices Certification and assistance in acquiring contemporary post harvest technology.