ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani stressed the need for devising a common strategy of Pakistan and the US that could be instrumental in assisting both the states in intelligence sharing and defence cooperation beyond 2014. As friends, we should accept that we have divergence of views but we should learn to trust each other, as our relationship is too vital for both the countries, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said while talking to the visiting US Senators delegation led by Robert P. Casey here on Friday. The Prime Minister reiterated that Pakistan wanted a sovereign, independent, stable and prosperous Afghanistan and would support the process of reconciliation, which is Afghan-led and Afghan-owned. Pakistan is part of solution and not part of problem, the Prime Minister added. He referred to his two visits to Afghanistan and the Afghan Presidents visit to Pakistan, saying that the two countries shared the commonality of views over the process of reconciliation in Afghanistan. He urged that the positive messaging from the two countries would help create an enabling environment for the leadership of the both countries to strengthen their bilateral relations and also deny the space to the terrorists to capitalise on. The US Senators expressed their grave concern over the Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), which are killing the Pakistani and the US troops alike, and stressed the need for devising a mechanism to regulate manufacturing, transportation, storage and distribution of ammonium nitrate used by terrorists. It may be mentioned that Ammonium Nitrate is used in formation of IEDs. The same chemical is mainly used in the manufacture of fertilizers. The Senators were told that the Government of Pakistan had already placed stringent laws, which regulate the manufacturing, transportation, storage and sale of the Ammonium Nitrate. Pakistan has amended the Explosive Amendment Law to cope with the situation. The Prime Minister said that Pakistan had already blocked about 20 million unauthorized SIMS preventing their misuse by the terrorists. The Interior Secretary apprised the Senators that in collaboration with the US Embassy, an awareness campaign against IEDs would be launched next month, so that people could know about the dangers involved and also how to protect themselves from the dangerous explosive device. He said that a Centre of Excellence had been set up at Raisalpur that exclusively imparts training to the personnel of the law Enforcement Agencies, enhancing their capacity to deal with the lethal explosive and saving the valuable lives. The Prime Minister said that Pakistan had good neighbourly relations with all neighbouring countries including India and Afghanistan. The Prime Minister said that it was welcome realization on part of India that the talks between India and Pakistan should not be held hostage to terrorist attacks like the one carried out by the non-state actors in Mumbai. He mentioned about the recent fruitful visit of the Pakistan Foreign Minister to India and also earlier visits of the Commerce Secretary and Interior Secretary and exchange of officials at senior level between the two countries. The US Senators appreciated the sacrifices of Pakistan and extended their sympathies with the families whose near and dear ones had lost their lives in fight against terrorists. The other Senators of the delegation included Senator Michel Bennet, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Senator Richard Blumenthal.