PESHAWAR - In the wake of dispute in Regi Model Town between Revenue Department and Koki Khel tribe on boundary line, the tribal elders from Tehsil Khyber Agency demanded of Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to form a commission for excavation of Maffey and Grift Award in order to resolve the issue. Maffey-Grift had demarcated boundary line between district Peshawar and tehsil Jamrud Khyber Agency in 1912, aimed at removing dispute on land in the Regi area, claimed Barkat Ali Afridi in a press conference on Friday. There might be a clash between Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) and the Koki Khel tribe, he warned. Maffey who was a political agent of the agency while Grift was a Deputy Commission (DC) Peshawar. He said that according to agreement, both the British officers had constructed a line between district Peshawar and tribal areas of Koki Khel tribe, which he added that the marks or pillars of demarcation were still existed but the revenue department was reluctant to excavate the lines. The lands cross the lines are legally owned by koki khel tribe. In 1977, Barkat Afridi said that the then Governor Naseerullah Khan had acknowledged the Maffey- Grift agreement and issued directives for renovation of boundary pillars. He added that he (Governor) asked to Board of Revenue Peshawar (BRP) to correct its record as per the British officers agreement through a letter on 13 April 1977, which was yet to be implemented. Flanked by other elders Haji Lal Baz, Haji Syed Wazir, Haji Noor Mazaar, Wareikham Khan and others, he said that the PDA authority blamed tribesmen to create hurdles in Regi Township. We want peaceful resolution of the issue through negotiation and talks, he maintained. The Maffey and Grift Award was panacea of all dispute, as the mega project Regi Model Town and other issues would be resolved after its proper implementation, he observed. He claimed that the demarcation records and evidences were available with elders of tribe. He alleged that the government wanted to grab the land of the tribal people by giving different of threats to them, which he said was not the way to resolve issues. We are peaceful and want resolution of the issues through dialogue and negotiation, he remarked.