PARIS (AFP) - Greece's Ilias Iliadis threw Japan's Daiki Nishiyama for the maximum ippon to retain his under-90kg title at the Judo World Championships here on Friday. In a repeat of last year's final, the world number one attacked with a hip throw (tsuri-goshi) only to turn it into an outer leg sweep (osoto-gari) to bowl over the world number three. World number two Takashi Ono of Japan produced a moment of brilliance to snatch a bronze medal from 2009 world champion Lee Kyu-Won with an inner thigh throw (uchi-mata) for ippon 30 seconds from the end of a bout in which he had been dominated and was trailing by a half-point waza-ari. Asley Gonzalez won Cuba's first medal of the competition as he threw Russia's Kiril Denisov for a minor yuko with a shoulder technique (seoi-nage) in a sudden death golden score period. France's Lucie Decosse cemented her standing as world number one by retaining the under-70kg title at the Judo World Championships here on Friday. It was Decosse's third world crown having also reigned at under-63kg in 2005 in Cairo. European champion Edith Bosch, herself a former world champion, paid for a terribly negative performance in the final as she picked up three penalty points to hand victory to her opponent. Japan's world number four Yoriko Kumihara took bronze by throwing Cuba's Onix Cortes Aldama for waza-ari with an inner thigh technique (uchi-mata). Hungary's Anett Meszaros won her fourth world medal as Rasa Sraka of Slovenia had to withdraw injured seconds from the end of their contest with Meszaros leading by a minimum yuko.