OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Jamaat-e-Islami held rallies across the country including the City on Friday to condemn target killing and extortion in Karachi and to express solidarity with Karachiites. JI had announced to mark Friday as Karachi Solidarity Day to make people know that they were not alone in hour of distress. Protest rallies were held in the federal and provincial capitals besides district headquarters after the Friday prayers. The speakers condemned the target killings, bloodshed, extortion and abductions going on in the port city. They assured the Karachiites that the patriotic people all over the country stood with them and shard their worries. The speakers stressed upon the rulers to take concrete steps for controlling bloodletting in Karachi. They also urged all religious and political parties to sit together minus the MQM for finding out a solution to the Karachi crisis and for the enforcement of rule of law in the mega city. Addressing a huge Friday congregation at the Mansoora mosque, Syed Munawar Hasan said that Karachi was passing through a pool of blood and fire due to the wounds inflicted by its so called well-wishers. The people of Karachi had been pushed to the wall. He said the international mafia wanted to annihilate Pakistan and there were conspiracies to tear apart Karachi and Balochistan from the country. The MQM was the local actor in this plot. A situation was being created in the country that could create a justification for placing nuclear installations under international control. He said it was immaterial whether the MQM was a part of the Sindh government or not, the fact remained that an MQM man had been the Sindh Governor for the last ten years. He said a couple of days back, the MQM had observed mourning day but in fact, the traders and businessmen had closed under the MQM fear. Addressing a huge rally at Multan Road near Mansoora, JI Secretary General Liaquat Baloch said that the colonial powers wanted to snatch freedom as international mafia had joined hands against the Muslims. He urged Zardari government not to turn Karachi into slaughterhouse only to prolong rule. He warned that if the PPP failed to establish peace in the country, the future of democracy and politics would be in danger. He said that calling troops in Karachi would not help solve the issue but would pave way for the US and Indian interference in the port city. He urged the media to point out the elements involved in the gory crimes in the port city. JI deputy SG Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, deplored that the game of terror and bloodshed was being played in Karachi during the holy month of Ramadan. Ironically, the Sindh government had made an appeal to the extortionists to vacate Karachi. He said the rulers were to decide whether to side with the extortionists or provide security to the masses. In Karachi, a big rally was staged from Binoria up to the Mazar e Quaid. Senior JI leader Prof Ghafoor Ahmed led the rally and later addressed the protesters. In Sukkur, a rally was held at the local press club. Another rally was held in Hyderabad.