OUR STAFF REPORTER KHAN GARH - Pakistan Democratic Party leader Nawabzada Mansoor Ahmad Khan said that the federal and the Sindh provincial governments were paying no heed to the problems of the people living in Karachi. They added they have turned a blind eye to the public issues. He apprised the media in pres conference that the country would not be free from illegal weapons through deweaponisation. He observed that there were more weapons in Karachi than those used in 1965 War by the two neighbouring countries. He said that Karachi was an industrial city if it is ruined, also the whole country would face trouble. He said that all the parties should make joint efforts and devise combine strategy for peace in Karachi. He also said that Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik and former Sindh interior minister Zulfiqar Mirza created problems in the city and We cannot expect some positive from them.