OUR STAFF REPORTER FAISALABAD - Jumatul Wida, the last Friday of Ramazan was offered with religious reverences and prayers for sovereignty and stability of the country, amid with tight security. Hundreds of believers, including old, children and youngsters offered prayers in different mosques of the district. Tight security arrangements were made on the occasion to avoid any untoward occurrence. Huge police contingents and other law enforcement personnel were deployed around the mosques and people were checked prior to entering into mosques. In some mosques walk through gates were installed as additional measure to augment security. A large number of Muslims offered prayers with respect and honour as the day bears key importance for the Muslims. Ulema and Mashaikh delivered lectures on importance of Ramazan and urged the followers to tread the path of Allah and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and fully act upon the teachings of Islam. On the occasion, special prayers were offered for the prosperity and solidarity among Muslims as well as unity of the Ummah. Also known as Al-Quds Day, the Muslims observe the day to express solidarity with Palestinian people in their struggle against Israeli subjugation. In their sermons khateebs belonging to different schools of thought highlighted the importance of fasting, Shab-e-Qadr and the practice of Aitekaf. They lead prayers for progress, prosperity and peace in the country. HAFIZABAD: Jumatul Wida was offered in the district with religious fervour with special prayers for the integrity and solidarity of the country, introduction of Islamic order in letter and spirit, early peace in Karachi, elimination of sectarianism, extremism, terrorism and to save the nation from the slavery of US Imperialists. The Ulema during their sermons have called on the believers to hold fast the rope of Almighty Allah and mould their lives truly in accordance with the teachings of Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) and Holy Quran, which is panacea for all ills and problems. The district police had made elaborate security arrangements to prevent any untoward incident.