OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - For the first time since assuming charge as Governor, Latif Khosa came down really hard on Punjab government and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, when he spoke about the alleged links of the PML-N leadership with the banned religious outfits on Friday and linked it with what he called deteriorating law and order situation in the province. After abduction of Shahbaz Taseer, son of slain Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer, Khosa addressed a hard-hitting news conference at Governors House and hinted at possible involvement of Punjab government in the abduction case. They had killed Salmaan Taseer and now they have abducted his son. I want to tell them not to test our patience at further, Khosa observed without naming any body, but in an implicit reference to the Punjab government and its alleged links with extremists. He termed abduction of Taseers son a failure of the Punjab government and complete breakdown of law and order, saying that it was a matter of grave concern that he (Shahbaz Taseer) has been abducted in broad daylight from a busy road. He said Punjab government could recover him from adductors within hours if it was really serious to do it. The Governor lamented that Punjab government did not take the intelligence reports about the possible abductions of the son(s) of influential personalities seriously. He said Taseer family had been receiving threats from extremists but the Punjab government did not bother to enhance their security. The governor said that it was bad on Sharifs part not to visit Taseers family after Salmaan Taseers assassination to condole his death. He said Taseer family was in shock and the PPP fully shared their grief. Calling Shahbaz Sharif a civil dictator, Khosa alleged he (CM) had established a civilian dictatorship in the province. He also asked the chief minister to consult him on all administrative matters as required under the Constitution. Khosa asked Sharifs to change their attitude and show maturity. He said he had already spoken to the party high ups to review the reconciliation policy vis--vis PML-N leadership as they were not showing any reciprocity. He said PPP should not tolerate their accesses any more. He complained that despite his visit to Nawaz Sharifs residence in Raiwind after assuming charge as governor, the elder Sharif did not reciprocate his good will gesture. The governor suspected that PML-N wanted to de-rail the system before the March Senate elections and Shahbaz Taseers abduction may be a step in that direction. When asked if the law and order situation in Punjab was bad enough to justify imposition of governors rule in the province, Khosa replied that though there was a provision in the Constitution to do so but he believed in resolution of all issues in a democratic manner. Responding to a question, he said he did not want to give any deadline to the Punjab government regarding Shahbazs recovery, as our previous experience of giving deadlines had not been good.