LAHORE Embarrassed by another high profile abduction, top investigators on Friday said that the possible involvement of militants in recent 'targeted abductions spree taking place in the provincial metropolis, could not be ruled out. 'Keeping their fingers crossed, the investigators and intelligence officers are intensively trying to connect the dots as far as two recent high-profile kidnappings are concerned, a senior police officer told this reporter requesting his name not be mentioned. While Taseer family said that a militant or extremist group could be behind the kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer, the 27-year-old son of slain Governor Salman Taseer, police say that they were working on different lines including a family-feud in the abduction of the business tycoon. The abduction of the eldest son of the late Salman Taseer is the second high profile kidnapping in Lahore during the last 13 days. Armed men kidnapped a US aid expert Warren Weinstein from his Model Town residence on August 13th. Intelligence sources revealed that modus operandi of the kidnappers involved in both the recent cases, are same. 'Evidences collected so far strongly suggest that the abductors had some local support that helped them carry out the 'seize and sped away attacks, the sources maintained. Shehryar Taseer, brother of Shahbaz, told reporters that Taseer family had been receiving serious threats by various groups of militants. 'We have been receiving threats from the Taliban and extremists. They could be behind the abduction of my brother, the younger brother of the abducted youth told reporters here on Friday evening. However, according to sources, the police are also investigating the family disputes behind the abduction of Shahbaz, who runs several companies that his father had founded, including Pace Pakistan, First Capital Equities, a media group and First Capital Securities Corp. Ltd. No militant group has claimed responsibility yet and according to the police sources, no one has demanded ransom from the victims family so far. Governor Salman Taseer was assassinated by his own police guard Mumtaz Qadri days after his comments against BlasphemyLaws. Salman Taseer had left six children and two wives to mourn. He had two daughters Sara Taseer, and Sanam Taseer and son Shan Taseer from his first wife Yasmin Sahgal. His sons Shahbaz and Shehryar and daughter Sheharbano are from his second wife Amna Taseer.