OUR STAFF REPORTER NOWSHERA VIRKAN - Former PML-N MNA Ch Mudassar Qayyum Nahra has said that the PPP government has shattered the national economy and has pushed the country into the quagmire multiple crises like skyrocketing prices, poverty, loadshedding, unemployment and worst lawlessness. The people are committing suicides and selling their children because of the abject poverty while the rulers are enjoying foreign trips. In a press statement issued here, Mr Nahra said that the PPP government was responsible of the present state of affairs in the country. He also said that the rulers had no ability to solve the issues being confronted by the masses and nor they wanted to do so. The PML-N leader held them responsible for the bloodshed and target killings in Karachi and asked the rulers to resign as it had lost its legitimacy to remain in power. Mr Nahra was of the opinion that PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif was the only capable leader who could steer the country out of all crises and put it on the path top progress and prosperity.