ISLAMABAD (APP) - An inquiry into theft of 11 radiators from Railways locomotives worth millions of rupees revealed that the radiators were not stolen rather these were misappropriated. According to inquiry report of departmental committee, on October 21, 2010 seven radiators DPU-20 were stolen from Loco Shed Rawalpindi, subsequently four more radiators were stolen from same place on December 12, 2010. It said that two criminal cases were registered at Railways Police Station Rawalpindi which were later referred to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Six Railways employees allegedly involved in these cases were arrested and interrogated by FIA but nothing was recovered from them. It said that the committee comprising Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer, CDL Shop Rawalpindi Abdul Malik, DPO PR Rawalpindi DEE Rawalpindi and DSP Rawalpindi visited the site and examined all the relevant records thoroughly and statements of the concerned PR staff of Loco Shed and CDL shop Rawalpindi. The report said that fan of engine No 6221 crashed due to which six radiators of the said engine were broken. Similarly fan foundation of engine No. 6202 was also broken as a result which six radiators also became unserviceable. The concerned staff did not brought these incidents into the notice of the competent authorities and removed the radiator from engine No 6213 and fitted in engine No 6221 whereas radiators of 6224 were fitted in engine No. 6202 without seeking prior approval of the authority. The inquiry report said that in order to cover up the irregularities, the concerned staff prepared requisition for new radiators without taking approval from high ups only on oral inspection of works manager and also prepared a gate pass to fulfil the formalities but it could not be delivered in Loco Shed. It further said that Railways staff has shown the radiators were stolen whereas the unserviceable and scrap radiators were vanished to save their skins from the clutches of law.It was said that the radiators could not be stolen because one radiator was about to 283 Kg and could not be removed without lifter or crane. It is pertinent to mention here that 11 Chinese and Thai made radiators of locomotives worth Rs.15 million were disappeared from a Loco Shed Rawalpindi last year. The radiators with weight ranging from 184kg to 283kg were composed of 505 per cent copper, 40 per cent brass and 20 per cent steel. The misappropriation of costly radiators caused heavy financial loss to Pakistan Railways which was already facing financial crises due to out of order locomotives and damaged tracks.