OUR STAFF REPORTER HAFIZABAD - The Pakistan Railway Department has abolished age-old Samasatta Express (143-Up and 144-down) which is operating from Samasatta to Narowal for the past 68 Year. The passengers of more than 30 Railway Stations (130 kilometers) of Faisalabad-Wazirabad Railway Section protested against the abolition of the important train. They said that out of four passenger train operating between Wazirabad Faisalabad, three have already been abolished causing problems to the commuters due to lack of road links between these stations but abolition of Samasatta Express has created multiple problems to passengers particularly daily commuters. They called on the Railway Minister to order for the restoration of train immediately. Youm-i-Qudas observ-ed: The workers of TNFJ and JI took out rallies separately to observe Youm-i-Qudas here on Friday. They protest against target killings in Karachi respectively. After parading the main thoroughfares the participants of the rally dispersed peacefully. On the occasion, he stressed the need for adopting better customer caring policies.