KARACHI - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has suggested three steps that includes across the board action against all criminal elements without fear and favour for short-term solution of Karachis law and order problems. The other two steps that he suggested at his 'Meet the Press programme at Karachi Press Club on Friday were also depoliticising law enforcement agencies particularly police and the administration and providing basic facilities to the residents of the City. He also offered his support to whatever steps to be taken under the ambit of the constitution by federal and Sindh government to maintain peace in the City. Punjabs chief executive opined that he was not hopeless of the prevailing situation of Karachi and said the illumination of Karachi, an economic engine of Pakistan, will return again. He floated another proposal of initiating ruthless action against the terrorists and extortionists in the City as second short term solution for Karachis problem. The action against the criminals should be across the board and without any fear and favour. When his attention drawn towards demand of suspension of Sindh Assembly made by his party leaders, Shahbaz while clarifying that his party will support all steps and options taken under the limit of Constitution. He, however, made it clear that his party will not support any unconstitutional step in the Sindh province. To a question about creation of new provinces, he said his partys position was clear on this issue and supports the creation of new provinces on administration basis. But, he said, the present government floated the idea of creation of new provinces in order to hide their corruption and nepotism, as they earlier betrayed the people on the slogan of reconciliation. When asked about the role of judiciary, he praised the role of apex judiciary, Supreme Court and high courts. The role of lower courts was not up to the expectations of the people. Shahbaz added that he will consult with the party to meet the political stakeholders of Karachi in his next visit to metropolis. Punjab CM said that it was the utmost responsibility of the political parties, which got mandate of the people, but they did not do anything to address the Karachis problems. He admitted that his party had been remained inactive in Karachi during last three and half years for which he attributed administrative reasons. It has been difficult for political parties like PML-N, which do not believe in the politics of violence to work in the City where armed gangs and violent elements produced, he said. Despite all the difficulties we have not left the Karachi and will end our weaknesses, he added. To another question about any possibility of struggle in Pakistan and personality like Anna Hazzare of India, who is fasting against corruption, Punjab CM, who always been vocal in criticism on present PPP government, said that Indias recent struggle of Hazzare was a great example for us. He hoped that such practical movement will emerge soon in Pakistan against the alleged corruption of present regime. Shahbaz said that whole country was passing through difficult times, which we would face with joint struggle. He termed the Karachi as lifeline of Pakistan, which is currently being treated as stepmother. The deteriorating law and order will negatively affect the economy of the country and foreign reserves will dry. Shahbaz reminded that Punjab government has said good-bye to international aid, which proven harmful for the country. He also urged the Islamabad to follow the footprints of Punjab government in rejecting the international aid, which has tough conditions and against the national interests. PML-N leaders including Khawaja Asif, Rana Sanaullah, Salim Zia, Abdul Qadir Baloch, senator Pervaiz Rashid, Imdad Chandio, Mamnoon Hussain, Ismail Rahu and others were present on the occasion. Meanwhile, former chief of PML-N Sindh chapter Syed Ghaus Ali Shah and his other colleagues were not accompanied the Punjab CM during his three-day visit to the City.