Our Staff reporter SIALKOT - People belonging to different walks of life have strongly criticized the poor performance of the government as a result of which the economic condition of the country is deteriorating with every passing day. According to a survey conducted by The Nation in rural and urban areas, people were of opinion that the government was deliberately ignoring the basic problems of general public and salaried class of the country due unknown reason. Continuous bombardment in the shape of taxes and consistent increase in electricity and gas tariff was an attempt to create fuss and chaos among the masses just to camouflage its negligence and ineffective polices. The government has snatched the bread and butter of the masses resultantly the life has become miserable, they said. They further stated that the government was exploding price hike bomb on every weekend just to divert the attention of the people and hoodwinking and betraying the poor masses, they argued. Due to poor economic polices, the prices of daily-use items have gone up manifold while on the other hand the salaries of the people are same which was three years ago resultantly the ratio of committing suicides on the rise. However, the federal and provincial governments totally flapped in controlling the price hike they alleged. They further told that it seems that district administration of Sialkot had bowed its knee in front of profiteers and hoarders. As few days are left in Eid there would be further price hike because shopkeepers are fleecing the consumers with both the hands but nobody dare to check this malpractice. Nothing had been done by the government for the welfare of masses as a result of which their miseries were multiplying every day because explosion of Price Hike Bomb was the key instrument of the govt they alleged. It is very unfortunate that rice are being sold at Rs110 per KG in rice growing country while mutton Rs450 to Rs500 per KG, beef Rs250 to Rs300, Patoto Rs42 per KG, egg Rs85 per dozen and other articles of daily use were being sold at much high cost which are beyond the purchasing power of the common man but no body is daring to check the price hike and it seems that there no sign of existence of administration in Sialkot.