OUR STAFF REPORTER BAHAWALPUR Police seized a truck loaded with sugar stolen from the warehouse of Utility Stores here and also took four persons into custody on Friday. A case has been registered against seven persons including Utility Stores Regional Manager Tauseef Gill over misappropriation/theft of the official sugar, and the arrested persons namely Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Irshad, Muhammad Asif and Bashir Ahmed. According to the FIR, as many as 2,500 bags of 5 kg sugar were found in the impounded truck (MNP-2433) while the Mussafir Khan police allegedly wrote smaller quantity of sugar in the FIR than it was in reality. Following a tip-off, the police last night inspected the truck and during interrogation, it revealed that the sugar was stolen from the warehouse in connivance with staff to sale it in the market. Later it was confirmed that the sugar was not to be supplied to any utility store as the shown documents shown to the police were not correct. It is quite astonishing that the consumers in the city have been facing a great deal of hardship in getting sugar at these stores for the past many years and the staff of was engaged in its misappropriation at such a high level.