No one symbolises tabdeeli more than Pervez Khattak. No, not because he was removed as KP Chief Minister, and not even because he has been made Defence Minister, but because of the politician before (we will ignore the caretaker retired lieutenant-general whom he actually succeeded). That was none other than Khurram Dastagir Khan. Now Khurram Dastagir may well be the son of a minister, an engineer who’s studied in the USA, but he’s also characterised by something that Pervez Khattak doesn’t: weight. Anyone remember what Julius Caesar said about Cassius: ‘Yon Cassius hath a lean and hungry look’. He could have been talking about Khattak. And he goes on to say: ‘Let me have men about me that are fat and sleek and sleep at nights.’ Well, if being fat and sleek have anything to do with it, then Khurram Dastagir sleeps at night, and very hard at that.

When Naveed Qamar was Defence Minister under Pervaiz Ashraf, he tried sleep as a strategy. So will Khattak try to dance away the enemies of Pakistan or give them TB? Remember what happened when he got on the container during the dharna days?

Khattak is not going to bring back the dharna without a go-ahead from his chief. Imran Khan might not have the motivation of marriage for this dharna, but he brought back the dharna days with his first speech as Prime Minister. One of the main things of the dharna was his nightly harangue to the crowd, which was broadcast nationwide. Not since the dharna has Imran had a nationwide audience. Well, he has once again.

Like any Prime Minister of the past, he made the right noises. But then he said that he sell off a lot of the cars, and get rid of a lot of staff. That made a lot of people worried. Anyone remember when Muhammad Khan Junejo put ministers in Suzukis? Worse, he put generals in them too. Is it now going to be open season on PMs? Imran is an old hunting man, so he should know.

What he doesn’t know is what he discussed with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Did they talk about terrorism? Imran doesn’t remember any such thing. Pompeo does. Imran is 65 this year; Pompeo is 54. Whose memory do we rely on? Both are of an age where arteriosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries, has set in. One of the places affected are the arteries of the brain. That’s why we have senile dementia, and one sign is a poor memory.

However, it is his Cabinet we need to look at. Sh Rashid and Shah Mehmood Qureshi are back at their old portfolios. But will Sh Rashid borrow successor (and now predecessor) Ghulam Ahmad Bilour’s red ANP cap, which was all he left to Kh Saad Rafiq? And one assumes that Shah Mehmood has no interest in the title of Prince of Darkness, which his predecessor Kh Asif brought over from his time as Water and Power Minister, or rather the Loadshedding Minister. That portfolio remains with the PM; I don’t think he would like the title. Well, let’s hope he won’t deserve it.

Something of a cramper of style must have been the Eid holidays. Technically, they were only three days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but if you could somehow wangle Monday and Friday off, you could leave on last Friday, and come back on Monday morning. Though the federal Cabinet took office before Eid, the provincial did not. The Punjab Cabinet is to be announced after this weekend, even though it’s so important to show off the ministerial flag car while going to the Eid congregation. Now all those who will be inducted will have to wait until Eidul Fitr. Unless smart go-getting young men make them sponsors mahafil-i-naat on the coming Eid Milad, so they can show their constituents that local boys do make good in the Big City.

Indeed, that is the problem. If Taunsa Sharif gets overhead bridges, you’ll be left wondering whether the purpose of making Usman Buzdar Chief Minister was to stop all development in Lahore. The PTI governments must have felt aggrieved, as one of Buzdar’s first meetings was about Eid security arrangements. The PTI Cabinet has got a lot of work to do. In its very first meeting, it placed Mian Nawaz and Maryam Nawaz on the ECL. Right. If they escape from Adiala Jail, they’re likely to turn up at the airport under their own names and undisguised. Does the government expect them to be bailed out, and wants to stop them leaving the country?

Imran is making life difficult for Buzdar, though, by replacing Najam Sethi with Ehsan Mani as PCB chief. An interesting progression: ICC President, then PCB President. Is there hope for Zaheer Abbas yet? And did Imran forget that Sethi’s married to an independent MPA. Hopefully, his removal was not a condition she set for support.

Imran knows about marriage, if not about staying married. However, so far he hasn’t gone as far as the Colorado man who asked his (expectant) wife for a separation, and in the ensuing quarrel, killed not only her, but their two daughters.

Even President Trump has got woman trouble. His lawyer has confessed to election finance violations involving women, while a former campaign official has been found guilty of tax fraud which emerged when he was made part of an investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Like Mian Nawaz, who was disqualified because of an iqama no one had heard of at the beginning of the Panamagate hearings.

The PTI has picked a Balochistan Governor who will be called by NAB in a fraud case. Well, at least he’s not accused in the Kasur kiddie porn scandal. But does gubernatorial or presidential immunity extend to questioning? Trials are not, we know, but questioning. Anyway, being questioned by NAB has been a plus-point in the PTI ever since Imran went in.