KARACHI - Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said local government representatives have not been given powers by the Sindh Government and people are not getting water or better sewerage system and sewerage water is entering in their homes.

He said this while visiting the Garden East area on getting the information about sewerage water entering into homes of the residents.

Acting MD of Water Board Asadullah and other officers also were with him on this visit.

Mayor Karachi said elected representatives of the people should get their due right and powers be shifted to them as without this no progress can be possible.

He said all stockholders sit together and talk on the one point agenda of development and progress of city and to solve the problems.

He said local government should be given funds and authority so that these can solve the problems of the citizens.

He said water board was not doing its duty and sewerage water is enter in the homes of citizens.

He said the federal governments play its role to solve the problems of Karachi.

He said to the acting MD of Water Board Asadullah to solve the water and sewerage problems of citizens and take immediate action. He said in the world local government have powers to work for citizens.

He said we need to take necessary action to solve the problems of water and sewerage in Karachi.