Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) President Yakoob Karim on Monday demanded the newly-formed government to immediately focus on major economic issues, including boosting exports to bring precious foreign exchange, announcement and implementation of an effective industrial policy.

In a statement, he said that putting the economy back on track, Prime Minister Imran Khan would get rid of many in-house problems and could focus on other major national issues. He said that the new premier had promised wide-ranging reforms, safeguarding Pakistan’s resources and redistributing them from the rich to the disadvantaged, which was laudable.

Yakoob said that the PM had promised that instead of trying to rebuild the economy via external loans, his government would try and fulfil its needs from within as no country could succeed by begging all the time.

Measures to cut down expenses, bring tax reforms instead of taking loans, eradicate poverty, motivate overseas Pakistanis, root out corruption, revamp judiciary, and apply KP police model in Punjab should also be the priorities of Imran and he must start implementing.

He also lauded the decision of PM Khan regarding devolution of power and plan to provide jobs to youth, a new housing project and a boost to the industrial sector. He said the government should cut indirect taxes, strengthen institutions, reduce trade deficit with China and bring back the stolen funds as soon as possible which will discourage corruption in future.

He said that all the chambers, FPCCI and trade bodies have offered unconditional support to the agenda of the new government. Karim said that retail sector should be taxed, expats should be encouraged to send money through banking channels by offering relaxations, state-run corporations should be sold, FBR and other institutions should be monitored, and diplomats should be given export targets.