OKARA A PML-N lawmaker criticised the current Prime Minister Imran Khan for, 'what he said', allowing his wife Bushra Imran to adopt a lavish lifestyle on public money. Talking to media here, PML-N MPA Ch Ghulam Raza Rubera criticised the first lady for her day-to-day travel on a helicopter from Bani Gala to Prime Minister House.

"Where does stand Imran Khan's campaign to decrease expenditure now," he questioned, and adding that the present rulers' acts mocked their claims to cut down expenditures of the country. He maintained that the First Lady of Pakistan alias Pinki Pirni reached PM House daily in the morning through helicopter, and flew back to Bani Gala in the evening. He said that Bani Gala sat about 15km from PM House, adding that the PTI rulers' acts were contrary to their claims.–Staff Reporter