KARACHI - Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhter on Monday appointed former mayor Karachi and Pak Sarzameen Party chief Mustafa Kamal as the project director of garbage on voluntary basis.

The appointment was made after the former mayor claimed that he could clean the city with the current resources enjoyed by the mayor within the span of three months.

The two who were once vocal leaders of the same party MQM and now had different party platforms with one belonging to MQM-P and the other heading PSP are exchanging heated arguments in the media for some days after rain wreak havoc in the city, exposing the claims of cleanliness and drain of rainwater of all three tiers of the government in the city.

Addressing a presser at party headquarters - Pakistan House - Mustafa Kamal claimed that the existing resources are enough to get the sanitary problems of Karachi resolved within three months.  Neither fee will be charged nor the federal government would have to support, he said while expressing concerns over the unhygienic conditions in the metropolis.

He took a jibe at Mayor Karachi saying Waseem launched spray drive along with a machine which was donated by someone two days back. He should be ashamed. He has his own budget. The Sindh government says it has paid KMC Rs 41 billion. Where this money goes?

During my Mayorship, Karachi was amongst the 12 developed cities in the world, he said and reiterated his demand to place the incumbent Mayor of Karachi to the Exit Control list before he flees Karachi.

Soon after the claim from Mustafa Kamal, Mayor Wasim Akhtar appointed Mustafa Kamal as Project Director (PD) for Garbage on a voluntary basis with immediate effect.

According to the Notification Number Mayor/KMC/134/2019 dated August 26, 2019, the appointment has been made for 90 days.

“In the light of the statement made and reported in electronic and print media that Syed Mustafa Kamal has shown his willingness to clean the city of Karachi within 90 days, I being Mayor of Karachi, hereby designate Syed Mustafa Kamal as Project Director for Garbage on voluntary basis with immediate effect and until further orders,” reads the letter.

While speaking to the media, the mayor also said that all the necessary staff and services would be at the disposal of the Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) chief. On the other hand, Mustafa Kamal while accepting the appointment asked the chairmen of all four districts of the port city to relinquish their respective charge as he was going to take over the charge. “I am coming to take charge of the situation and now all four chairmen of the districts held by MQM-P should resign so that I could serve the city in a proper manner and fulfill the responsibility,” he said.

Kamal said it’s the economic hub and economic lifeline. It should be given consideration on an immediate basis.

He reiterated his demand calling Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa to play his role and visit Karachi which is the line of economy. The people of Karachi are faced with security issues. Please bring all stakeholders on a same table and resolve the issues, he added.

“Kashmiris are our brothers. They raise slogan of Pakistan. They wave Pakistani flag and when they are martyred their bodied wrapped in our national flag and are laid to rest. Kashmiris are being punished for this. However, entire Pakistan is at strong protest. PSP stands with the Kashmiri brothers, and those who remain silent in this brutality are actually traitors,” Kamal added.

Kamal asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to fight the Kashmir strongly. “We are ready to support the cause in all fronts and if the war is imposed on Pakistan, the whole nation would stand up shoulder to shoulder with the Pak Army. India has been doing atrocities in Kashmir for the last 72 years and Kashmir’s independence is not so far away.”

He said whenever the Kashmiri struggle for freedom and self determination gains momentum, the Indian spy agency RAW used to launch conspiracies causing bloodshed and ethnic violence in Karachi. This city was ruled by a party leader who was involved in this heinous crime. Kamal deplored that Muslim countries are standing with India today ending our illusion that Muslim block would support our country in the need of hour.

The doors of dialogues with India should be no more open. India takes our policy of negotiations as our weakness, he added.