LAHORE - The central organising committee of the 2011 World Cup in South Asia will meet next week in Kuala Lumpur to select a Managing Director. Pakistan Cricket Board chief operating officer Saleem Altaf said the MD's name would be announced shortly after the committee members meet in Kuala Lumpur during the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) meeting. The MD is likely to be from Pakistan as the secretariat of the committee is based in Lahore, and he would report to Altaf, who is on the central organising committee. "The International Cricket Council (ICC) had given us a deadline of November 15 to name the managing director but we had asked for an extension as everyone has been busy with other commitments," Altaf said. He said a few candidates have been short listed for the post and a final decision would be taken soon. "The ICC is concerned that we are behind our schedule for the preparations to be made for the World Cup but we have assured them the secretariat would start functioning full-time once the managing director is announced," he added. "Hopefully things will ease out and tensions will be reduced with passage of time as has happened in the past. Both countries know it is important to be prepared for the World Cup," he said. He said governments of all the host countries were involved in the preparations.